L'oeuvre est actuellement exposée à : www.caroline-vis.com

Type d'art :
Peinture acrylique
Thème :
Mots-clefs :
Holi Phagwa II
Caroline Vis
Abstrait art peintre
new collection
modern art
Dimensions :
160 X 100 X 2 cm
Description :

Painting: Acrylic on Canvas. "Holi Phagwa III" Is from the 2015 collection, till today it was never for sale, just because there was too much from the Artist in the Painting. Like Caroline said, it did take a while to let go! Keywords: colorfull art, modern art, Jackson Pollock, Caroline Vis, expressionism, abstract, art, large xl size art, 100 cm x 160 cm, largeformat, NEW COLLECTION, orange