L'oeuvre est actuellement exposée à : Toronto Canada

Type d'art :
Peinture à l'huile
Thème :
Mots-clefs :
15th century
Dimensions :
107 X 142 X 4 cm
Description :

I cannot really say that this is a dialog between two centuries, more of a conflict between two eras and its representatives. Despite the fact that people do not change (well, maybe just the entourage and technology) it is still a conflict. It is the ordinary person and his common voices that I have in mind. Ignorance, greed, deception and lying in the name of Profit, Ego-these are all the things I am describing here, expressing their most vivid characteristics through images of animals, birds and etc. A lot pf people are brainwashed. I believe they brainwash themselves by creating various emotions and acting on them. I always turn to symbolism and metaphors. It helps me identify and express various characteristics in a powerful way, sometimes get even beyond that. And HUMOR! Humor is another useful tool, of course… Imagine taking a group of people, just random people from the street outside of your window, various characters, and transferring them to 15th century or vice versa…This should help you understand some way my point.