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Frequently asked questions for art enthusiasts

How do we choose the artists

Once published, interested artists reply to you by sending a detailed proposition.

This proposition gives you all the elements you need for your future artwork(dimensions, support, theme…) and the terms of the order(price, delay, packaging and transport).

You have all necessary information to compare propositions. The second criteria that you will need to know about is the artist's choices. In order to know, check out all the artists' profiles from the ones that reply to you.

You will have access to their biography, their concept of art and their collection. You can then choose the artists that corresponds to you.

What can guarantee a good artwork creation?

All MyArtMakers artists are all professionals, they put all their passion and talent at your service and they want to share their creativity with you.

You now have all the necessary information to wisely choose your artwork: personalized propositions and detailed profiles from the replying artists . Finally, whilst the creation of your artwork, you can follow the creation steps and communicate with the artist.

What happens if the artwork does not correspond to your demand?

If you receive the artwork and it doesn't correspond to what you asked for, you must refuse the order from the transporter who should then send it back to the artist.

What is the price of my artwork order?

There is no specific price for your artwork. The price depends on your budget. Precise the range of your budget via the ordering form, and artists will judge if it correspond to their pricing.

You must keep in mind some simple assumptions, the cost of this service takes into account a minimum: the tools, transport and packaging and also the artists time.

When should we pay?

The order is paid online after confirming the proposition of the chosen artist. Our payment system is 100% secure and uses the technology "3D secure". All the payment process is managed by our bank partner, and none of your bank details are stocked on

What happens if the artwork is damaged?

If, when receiving the artwork it is damaged, you must refuse it and stipulate it to the deliveryman. Transport assurances will reimburse the total amount of the transaction.

What happens if the delivery date is expired?

If you haven't revived your artwork on time, we invite you to inform us at this address :

How are the artists selected?

The selected artists are chosen with two expectations

  • Artists must be professionals
  • They must show an artistic talent

This selection is deliberately broad, everyone has their perception of art and we believe that we should not restrain the choice of artists by creating artificial and discriminatory selection criteria. At MyArtMakers, all artists are welcome, it will be up to you to find the one that suits you.

I have another question ...
Don't hesitate to contact us if these questions haven't given the answers you were looking for!