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Our commitment for art enthusiasts
Engagements artistes contemporains et collectionneurs

MyArtMakers is your confident partner for all your bought artwork and your personalized artwork orders and we also help you discover the best and modern artists!

MyArtMakers is committed in order for you to collect securely and discover the artists talents.

Home delivery
The packaging and transport of the artwork from start to finish is all done by the artist. The methods are singular to each artist and are decreed in their proposition.
Delivery time respected
The integrity of the artwork is confirmed when received from the buyer.
In a majority of cases the delivery is assured by specialised artwork transporters.
Free proposition
On MyArtMakers, posting an order, comparing and choosing an artist who will create an artwork doesn't cost anything.

This service all free! All you have to pay is the price asked by the artist.
Certified artworks
An artwork created on MyArtMakers is certified unique and genuine by the creator. An authenticity certificate is given with every artwork created.
It is nominative, it holds the artist's name and he attest that the artwork is an unique piece of art. This certificate has a justifying value and gives rights for fiscal advantages for compagnies and private users. Compagnies et les Private user.
Secured payment
When you pay on our website, the transaction is totally secure. A small lock indicates it at the bottom of your browser. Bank details that you insert are then encrypted and won't circulate around the internet. Your bank details will never be saved, and when you enter your details on the secure payment, the information goes directly to PayPal.
Client service
Client services are at your service from Monday to Friday from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. to answer all your questions. Our advisers will guide you through your research, give you advise and reply to your questions. Don't hesitate to contact us via the contact form
Professional artists
The artists that reply to your demands are all professional artist. Which means that artistic production is their job. They all have an artistic independence, or they are subscribed to Maison des artistes. A majority of them have followed a course at Les Beaux-Arts. What's more a process of artistic selection is made to guarantee excellent service. This selection is based on two criteria: artists must have their own universe and a real talent.