Pape Teigne Diouf , in the village of Diakhao, centers of one of the most traditional areas of Senegal, where it receives an education with more close to the Sereer culture, cradle of its people. L' history of its first years is that of a child fascinated by manual work, more especially as it is partly excluded from it. Indeed, it belongs to the aristocratic chalk-lining of the company Sereer and are to him thus in fact prohibited a certain number of activities, reserved either to the women, or


La vie , l'homme et la nature

Practiced Arts

  • Artist book
  • Colored Pencils Drawing
  • Red chalk drawing
  • Pen drawing
  • Oil Paintings


National School of Fine Arts MA in art college art Yoruba Culture

2 Artworks on sale

oeuvre d'art contemporainNature huile réalisée par tegne
13 000,00 €
oeuvre d'art contemporainvision argentique_nb réalisée par tegne
3 500,00 €