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Spécialised in porcelain since1998, I push the limits to make the impossible possible. I use real Limoges porcelain, wel known for it's finesse and luminosity. I can also work in fayence or earthenware. I use technique of molding in plaster molds of my own creation. It' very précise and confirms to the original model. I have my own collection, I' m active as an industrial designerand I make small series of céramics on command.


Memphis Milano, Playing with forms and coulours, Bauhaus, Scandinavian design, De Stijl, Modernism, nature, proportions of forms

Practiced Arts

  • Ceramic art
  • Acrylic paint
  • Clay sculpture

Fairs and trade shows

Thomas et Bas van Zuijlen

Mairie Plobannalec lesconil
From 17/04/2017 To 23/03/2017
Sémaphore Lesconil
photo and céramics


Médiathèque Guilvinec
From 03/12/2016 To 15/01/2017
Abri du Marin
Exhibition with the photographer Froukje van Houten

Biennale de Design de Saint Etienne

Biennale de Design de St. Etienne
From 14/04/2005 To 20/04/2005
Biennale de Design de Saint Etienne
International design fair on invitation

Boutique Ephémère

Atelier Espritr Créateur
From 17/07/2017 To 23/07/2017
Sémaphore Lesconil
temporary exhibition at the beach house

Festival de l'Artisanat

Chambre des Métiers du Finistère and Mad in Dz
From 10/03/2017 To 13/03/2017
Exhibition Hall Quimper
Artistic fair in quimper

Artists studios and Residence

open house

Journées Européennes des Métiers d'Art
From 31/03/2017 To 02/04/2017
Atelier Esprit Créateur
open house at the workshop


Technical school for wood and intériordecoration, Rotterdam 3D design at Higher School for the Arts Arnhem

Artistic Book