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David N. Goldstein is a 37 years old franco-israeli photographer. Urban life and the man's place in cities are its main issues. He always tries to be creative, focusing on composition, and on his subject.


Sergio Larrain, Garry Winnogrand, Saul Leiter

Practiced Arts

  • Digital colour photo
  • Street Art
  • B&W silver photo
  • Silver colour photo
  • Black & white digital photo

Fairs and trade shows

Bucharest Photo Week 2015

Bucharest Photo Week 2015
From 01/08/2015 To 31/08/2015
Bucharest Photo Week 2015


Sol Art Gallery

I street photography Exhibition
From 01/07/2015 To 31/07/2015
Dublin, Ireland
Selected by Thomas Leotard and Rinzi Ruiz for I street photography exhibition, at Sol Art Gallery

Price and Distinctions

Photographer of the Month

Art Photo Feature Magazine
From 01/09/2015 To 30/09/2015
Online Magazine
Worldwide magazine

Published in We Street Book 2015

We Sreet
From 01/10/2015 To 31/01/2016


Centre Jean Verdier Paris

1 artwork on sale

Artistic Book