I am Maka Kvartskhava - I was born in 1981 in Tbilisi, Georgia My, as Artist's Statement, - Before starting Painting, i was writing short stories, assays, which i used to call footprints of my inner life and my dreams. Then came time when my inspirations took me at the edge of Art and my inner opportunity knocked from inside, so I decided to build a door and to take my first steps in colorful world of Art. So my assays and stories became expressed in drawings and painting


My artistic inspirations comes from everyday life surroundings, inner emotions and expressionist artists

Practiced Arts

  • Oil Paintings
  • Serigraphy
  • Oil Paintings


Road silk

State academy
From 01/12/2015 To 07/12/2015
Tbilisi, Georgia
Joint exhibition of contemporary artists of Georgia


abstract art, landscapes, seascapes, figurative art

5 Artworks on sale

oeuvre d'art contemporainSomewhere only we know huile réalisée par Maka
680,00 €
oeuvre d'art contemporainPeople are strange huile réalisée par Maka
640,00 €
oeuvre d'art contemporainBroken Poppies huile réalisée par Maka
688,00 €

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