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Born in 1966 on Aruba; being a cultural and ethnic mix of Frisian, Anglo, Polish/Dutch Jewish and Afro Caribbean descent. In 2005 he formed together with the Russian painter Art Hur Molev and the Dutch poet Thom deLagh the Amsterdam based arts collective TABOR, whose focus was on playfulness. Following TABOR he started with several other artists in 2008 the collective MuseumDiemenZuid. The research of the group was to find a way to place the village of Diemen on the world cultural map


The most common subjects of these projects are: <br/>- how he relates as a human being, and as an artist: <br/> 1) to a particular social context <br/> 2) as himself toward the so-called other, <br/> 3) as himself to himself <br/> 4) as the so-called other to himself <br/>- investigations into how the apparent reality takes shape

Practiced Arts

  • Mixed medias

Fairs and trade shows

Under the Skin

From 29/05/2015 To 20/09/2015
Tilburg, the Netherlands
‘Under the Skin’ is about vulnerability, life, pain and protection. This exhibition brings together sculptures, installations and films by artists near and far. The themes touch our very being, as does the material of choice: textiles. So intimately entwined with humanity, this medium lends itself to addressing life’s great issues. From threatening balaclavas and sweet flowery dresses to ‘harnesses’ of discarded carpets, or antlers bound in cloth: the pieces in ‘Under the Skin’ explore feelings of attraction and repulsion. Curated by Caroline Boot.

‘Rijke#Mantje Collection’

Arti en Amicitiae
From 25/04/2013 To 20/04/2013
Amsterdam, the Netherlands


'dreaming dreamer'

From 18/03/2012 To 20/04/2012
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Art Work

Studio J
From 20/05/2009 To 20/06/2009
Osaka, Japan

Artists studios and Residence

MidSummer Art

From 21/06/2014 To 23/06/2014
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

the home & garden boy

From 21/06/2012 To 23/06/2014
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
embroidered paper on cloth 62 x 56 cm


Trained in Language and Speech Pathology, Dutch Common Law, and Art; the latter with Angela Mackay, printmaking artist (London), Guda Stoop, curator (Amsterdam), Igor Serov, particle physicist and artist (Amsterdam), Ron Roomer, art theorist (Amsterdam) and Ralf Haase, painting/composition (Berlin and Amsterdam).

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oeuvre d'art contemporainles Danseurs mixte réalisée par Ray Zijlstra
12 000,00 €

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