I am Klaus Hyso 19 years old from Vlora/Albania. I am a painter specialized in oil painting. I have my own style who is insiperd even from other famous and great artist


Art is all my life, and if one day i will be able to explain what is art i will stop painting. I am inspired from old masters that i always compared myself and from painters like Sam Dillemans and Lucien Froyd. I want to go as far as possible in art. If you show me Rembrand i panic because there is still so much work. If Picasso painted for 80 years i need 320 years

Practiced Arts

  • Oil Paintings
  • Watercolor


Internation Watercolor Society

Watercolor society
From 24/11/2015 To 25/11/2015
Tirana Albania
This Art gallery is created just for watercolor artists so they have the opportunity to see others works and to work near some watercolors great artists


Hi..I am Klaus Hyso from Albania and i am studying in the last year of artistic art school in my hometown Vlora. I painted even with a dutch painter in Den Bosch Noord Brabant, Netherland where i stayed for three months during the summer