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My main point as a photographer is to try catching the world in a different manner than how it is normally. I love working with natural light and/or on-camera tricks to convey a range of emotions to the viewer. I like building atmospheric pieces and I hope you will appreciate these.


Pictorialism <br/>Neo-pictorialism <br/>Edwardian and Victorian eras <br/>Fantastic literatures

Arts pratiqués

  • Photo numerique couleur
  • Art Numérique
  • Photo argentique noir et blanc
  • Photo argentique couleur
  • Photo numerique noir et blanc

Résidences et Ateliers d'artistes

Studio Numero Trois

Opaz Ateliers
Du 04/01/2016 au 31/12/2016
Atelier de photographie et d'art visuel


Cambridge School of Art