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,Anna-Maria Pangilinan was born in Russia , Kurgan region in 1990. At the age of 11 she moves to Moscow and enters to Moscow Academic Art Lyceum , where she gets her bachelour's degree in 2007. She then studied monumental painting at the Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after Surikov,where she received the influence of her professors and of the school style of painting. During the study she started to give private drawing and painting lessons to a diverse audience. This


My work is a way for me to explore the problem of the influence of the environment on the artist’s conscience. Following the steps of Maurice Merleau-Ponty, the phenomenological aspect of art is the fuel of my creative thought. I test the thread of the world's web of interrelated elements, a web both physical and ideal by its components. I thus adopt a holistic posture, focused on prints left by things and concepts. <br/> The classical barriers of genre and style are blown away : everything and anything deserves to be passed through the filter of aesthetics, as much as all the terms of the worldwide equation interfere on each other, leaving an infinity of prints and mutual influences, for me to translate into the language of art. <br/> <br/> Some terms of said equation appear more often than others throughout my works. People are a central piece of the edifice. There is something dizzying and awe-inducing in the idea of the complete and utter uniqueness of any human being whatsoever. My artistic goal is to "preserve" in my memory a particular image, which I was fascinated by at a particular moment. Everything is meaningful: the situation, the time of the day, the light, the smell, the mood, and of course the person or group of people itself, in this precise context. Then I need to devote my intimate relationship and perception to this experience, not only visually, but mustering all my senses. The uniqueness and the consciousness of that impression and my subjective experience of it, are the main artistic value for me. <br/> <br/> To be able to do this, I have to be in a constant state of research. I compare myself to a phenomenological investigator, guided by the invisible threads of the net of feelings and experiences which covers the ontological world. For me as an artist it is necessary, whenever possible, to find a possibility to be an outside observer, in a quasi-scientific way. This is why it is a manner of an investigation, in order to seek again, every time, this experience, which at first glance seems a simple task, yet is in fact the main difficulty, for in a familiar environment all the tools of artistic perception are blunted. It is in other words crucial to be at the same time deeply touched by the world, yet keeping a distanced glance on it – le regard éloigné of Claude Lévi-Strauss applied to visual art. <br/> <br/> I function with this dichotomy, this everlasting paradox, the association of permanent, hard, spiritual work, and a phenomenological quest, a quest where every new target is a grail, any change of scenery helping to see things with new eyes. <br/> <br/> Working in a figurative painting genre, I usually prefer oil and tempera as medias.

Arts pratiqués

  • Aquarelle
  • Mixte
  • Dessin au crayon gris graphite
  • Dessin à l'encre de chine
  • Peinture à l'encre
  • Dessin aux crayons de couleur
  • Dessin au stylo

Résidences et Ateliers d'artistes


Du 08/03/2016 au 11/03/2016


,2013 Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.Surikov ,Master’s degree 2007 Moscow Academic Art Lyceum of the Russian Academy of Art, Bachelor’s degree