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ART that word so small and yet so vast, so unique and exciting. Friend of all artists, the joy of all admirers .art makes me happy, yes I admit, I cannot part with it. It makes me dream and see what others cannot see. It brings out the real me and makes life richer with each passing day. It puts us in contact with the beauty of allows to live the present moment, the "now" when I was little I fell in love with art, I loved to draw, sing, dance; everything related to art


-Étienne Dinet <br/>-leonard de vinci <br/>-salvador dali

Arts pratiqués

  • Mixte
  • Dessin au crayon gris graphite
  • Dessin au fusain
  • Dessin à l'encre de chine
  • Dessin à la sanguine
  • Aquarelle
  • Peinture à l'huile
  • Peinture acrylique
  • Peinture (autre)


l.mameri art

Du 01/01/2015 au 01/05/2015
differentes expositions


1.sciences du langage et didactique des langues étrangères 2.didactique de l'anglais 3. infographie