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I WAS BORN IN ONE OF THE UNIC, MISTICAL, ENIGMATICAL PLACE ON THE EARTH- IT’S Called Far East of Russia. Very long time ago it was very powerful, strong kingdom called Balhae. The earliest extant recorded mention of Balhae comes from the Old Book of Tang, which was compiled between 941 to 945.The 13th century census of Northern China by the Mongols distinguished Balhae from other ethnic groups such as Goryeo, Khitan and Jurchen. Most descendants of Balhae are today in China. Siberia a


Internationally well know, established Artist (oil on canvas, drawings pencil on paper), Murals and Frescos, illustrations. <br/> Collaborating with the Art Gallery’s, Private collectors, Art dealers, VIP clients. <br/> Accepting the commissions from the company’s and private individuals. <br/>Artist statement-Basis of my Artistic Creativity <br/>In foundation of my artistic creativity is lying absolute relationship between forms, objects, creatures, time, action, events and expanses in preserving individuality in all of them. <br/>At the same time existences of differences and unity, forms and emptiness, where is there connections, developing in to two aspects of one reality, existing unambiguous in the whirlwind of relationships without beginning and eternity motions. <br/>The Artist must be striving to The Greatest Heights, to the High-altitude, to the Divine! And if he achieve that, than he indefinitely will get The Blessing from the Haven, and by that he will be able to broaden his frames to the infinity by implementation the endless in the total end; transforming the ending in to the vessel for the infinity; temporary-in to transmitter of eternity in grasping intuitional stream of movements right in to the deep, in meaning to the High-altitude to the Absolute Reality. <br/>Hear, and only hear, where the Ocean is merging in to the one drop-emerging the true creation. <br/>Artistic creativity-it is where the inner vision of freedom from arbitrary rules, where Divine, Spiritual, boundless are pouring into the inner of artist vision, where supernatural reality reflects on human consciousness. <br/>Where the all images, objects, processes and extraordinarily are really come to life- because they are operating everywhere-where is the reality is a topical. <br/>The Active image - the symbol of spiritual vision is Real. <br/>Where at the end of everything, the artist is representing a quazi-symbolic or multi-dimensional realization.

Arts pratiqués

  • Peinture à l'huile
  • Peinture (autre)

Salons et Expositions


AVA Financial Group,Inc
Du 02/11/2013 au 30/11/2015
10 paintings and drawings


Samuel Gillis (director)

Gallery Swarm,LLC
Du 01/09/2015 au 21/11/2015
Chicago,IL USA!alexander-donskoi/yal39

Amy Delaporte.Art Client Services and AD Gallery

Contemporary Fine Art in Beverly Hills,CA Owner
Du 03/08/2015 au 21/11/2015
Beverly Hills,CA USA
I have reviewed your impressive website and artwork images and artist information and I feel that your artwork would definitely be the right fit with our current gallery art program and it would be an Honor to feature you and your body of artwork in a solo exhibit inside my AD Gallery: Contemporary Fine Art space in Beverly Hills, CA. The AD Gallery: Contemporary Fine Art Space in Beverly Hills, CA is a way in which you may be able to expose your artwork to a large public and private audience here in Los Angeles.

Susana C. Investment &Profitability,Old Master Artworks

High Purity Dimonds
Du 11/06/2015 au 19/11/2015
You are a particular artist but a great artist. You have a unique style (somewhat tormented because you like to portray the "strange beings") But, you can "conquer the world" with this very young and fun spirit! I do not dislike and everything has its audience. You can succeed. With my best realistic intention. Thank's

Gianfranco Schialvino ,Critico e Storico Dell'arte

Nuova Xilografia
Du 10/08/2015 au 19/11/2015
I know your work that I had presented the collector and dealer Emilio Gargioni in Turin, please accept my congratulations for your great imagination, the acute irony and the quality of the painting, schialvino

Prix et Distinctions

First Place Brazil Art Award 2005

Contemporarly art awards
Du 12/10/2005 au 19/11/2015

Résidences et Ateliers d'artistes

Alex Thijissens

Adjunct Professor William University
Du 10/06/2015 au 19/11/2015
Working on a large drawing about the most important building in the world in this style that becomes a large painting as time goes on. I must say I love the artworks you do. Good color, design, composition, detail and strong push and pull in your work set you apart from other works. Like to see more! Best regards, Alex. (Alexander)


working with oil on canvas(paintings) and pencil on paper (drawings)

5 Oeuvres en vente

oeuvre d'art contemporainThe Shop-Window in 15th century.Oops huile réalisée par kolobok
96 000,00 €
oeuvre d'art contemporainThe Adoration of The Magi huile réalisée par kolobok
240 000,00 €
oeuvre d'art contemporainThe Presentation of Gifts huile réalisée par kolobok
80 000,00 €