Photo de profil


“In few years Mahmoud Menaysy was able to unleash his deep powerful art character submitting it to experience the Modern Art. In the last years, this young talented artist introduced important answers to art perplexes. For instance how to tackle the contradiction thesis and the importance of shock and contrast. If he tackles woman’s body, he will incarnate the ethereal treasure that carry the space to express the entire existence of universe, thus it would be the cold deaf material that explodes


I’m searching always for the self inherent in things, in the identity of things and forms and lines, looking always the characters and the spirit in everything we see. wondering why only the empty huge things impose itself on the surface of the forms, while the real powers and the dynamics of things are always hidden.

Arts pratiqués

  • Peinture acrylique


I am an independent artist, studied and worked many years with one of the greatest Egyptian artists in Alexandria 10 years Esmat Dawestashy 1990/2000.