When making art I can think in a more broad level what is life and show the result of thinking to other people, too


relations between people and beween <br/>people and their environment of <br/>every day

Arts pratiqués

  • Gouache
  • Photo numerique couleur
  • Art Numérique

Salons et Expositions

Usual Exeption

Museum of Art in Rovaniemi
Du 14/05/2009 au 12/06/2009
Rovaniemi city in Finland
40-years group exhibition of Visual artist association of Espoo city Paintings and interactive new media art

Artistic heritage of the Uusikylä family

Vaasa City Museum of Art
Du 10/02/2009 au 10/03/2009
Vaasa city in Finland
Group exhibition of the artists of the members of Uusikylä. Paintings, photos, new media


Audiovisual department

National library of France
Du 06/11/2015 au 30/11/2020
New media artworks in the library


master en science

Book Artistique