I have been using art and design in my every day living for years. It is having had my very first exhibition in New York that made me realize that people liked my aRt. Using holographic, glitter and pre painted paper, I cut each piece individually and stick to board. I am now using my aRt as a way of living as well as my other interests, because I enjoy that people are prepared to hang my aRt on their walls for their friends to see, and them selves maybe on a daily basis.


I am inspired when I see the reaction on people's faces when they find my art - they always look twice, and look again! <br/>I am inspired by bright colours, light and shadows.

Arts pratiqués

  • Collage

Salons et Expositions


Holographic Centre
Du 19/12/2014 au 19/12/2014
New York

Résidences et Ateliers d'artistes

Patrick Procktor

Patrick Procktor
Du 30/03/0092 au 28/03/0093
I lived and painted with the famous water colourist, Patrick Procktor. Here I learnt to use bright colours in art.


Pre-painted paper, glitter paper, holographic paper

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