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My artistic work is based on the human figure, I am in the style of magical realism and imagination, I am very methodical in my technical process to achieve a quality finish.


My main issues is to create representations of human figures in a fantastic and romantic, and allegorical.

Arts pratiqués

  • Peinture à l'huile
  • Aquarelle

Salons et Expositions

Art Revolution Taipei 2015

Taiwan International Contemporary Artist Association
Du 07/05/2015 au 10/05/2015
International Art Fairs


Degree Fine Art School, lima,Perú 1984

3 Oeuvres en vente

oeuvre d'art contemporainVerano huile réalisée par Jose De la Barra
6 000,00 €
oeuvre d'art contemporainPerfume estampe réalisée par Jose De la Barra
320,00 €

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