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In my work I’m trying and Insisting to stay loyal to the elements of form as a unit and for me this is the only base and the ground which the meaning of painting arise from, it is also a reflection of this situation we are living in. In my point of view, the Iranian modern art is war of ideas, pluralistic as the art meant to be and one of its great concerns is to developments in community. It’s a conscious creativity, fact oriented, partially oriented which is used for guiding or proving id


My ideas were sparked with a few photographed portraits with non-conventional and ridiculous conditions which was a reflection of the teenage generation of Iranian women, which I entered to my paintings. <br/>Since the identity crisis of the new generation of Iranian women was and is one of my intellectual concerns, I addressed this issue in most of my paintings. The generation who is swinging in-between the limits and rules of everyday reality and fantasy, in this free and joyful swing, the boundaries of beauty and obscenity has gradually changed to grotesque figures. As Stuart Hall said these people are in the process of being others. They see themselves as “other” inferior of westerners (in our case to our society). Their identity is made through the mirror of western media. Quite opposite to their appearance and in the contrary, their thinking and action is base on what was traditional. This feeling of inferiority, this otherness comes from the obsession with hormonal activity and sexual repression. <br/>To understand these behaviors, I became curious in their relationships to know how they act, what are their interests and their desire. Vanity, excess, artifice and extravagance, these are the first words that comes to mind. Since extremes of exaggeration has become the character of this generation, I displayed it in a grotesque atmosphere which was exhibited in a painting exhibition titled “share me” which lasted almost two years. <br/>On the other hand, we’ve all seen surrealistic shapes in some artworks which reflects our relations and thoughts of the time and places we’ve been in our lives, at least they does reflect such profound effect on my thoughts and subjective images of places I was, the life that I lived and yet shaping the ways beyond the present time and what is ahead.

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Du 16/09/2015 au 31/12/2015
caltural theme of iranian people


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