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The philosophy of space and dimension is essential. Far from the hectic world of advertising the logical way took place in the sculpture. Silence and nature are a source of inspiration; that’s the way sculpture becomes passion. Sylvio Eisls credo: „Creative design changes reality“. In all his works organic forms are to be found, which stand for the beauty and aesthetics… and:… the conflict in the creation of a work of art and their mastering inspire the creativity.


nature and beauty

Arts pratiqués

  • Sculpture bois
  • Sculpture autre
  • Mixte
  • Sculpture pierre


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3 Oeuvres en vente

oeuvre d'art contemporainAlasan metal réalisée par sylvio eisl | sculptures
5 000,00 €
oeuvre d'art contemporainsakura bois réalisée par sylvio eisl | sculptures
1 400,00 €