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Costin Brǎteanu is joining together naturalism, decorative painting, geometry and the abstract. His operating range is best defined through the “post” prefix. In fact, it is about a process of a meta-postmodernist origin. Besides, for Brǎteanu is more fitting the visual artist term than that of a painter, meaning that his system of applied aesthetic thought entails the deconstruction and reconfiguration of images. The mysteries of cromatics and perspective are mastered by the artist, in whose work prevails, let’s say, the matrix side of reality, before the objective-realistic one. Preoccupied by the transfering techniques of the visual system from unconventional palettes, may it be knives, antimacassars or various other surfaces, on the support of the final works, Costin Brǎteanu proves, without having set himself to do this, a particular sense of rhythm. The game of frequency depths of the colors that he relates together bring up the harmonic potential of some works having a personal nature, and moreover, original ones. Thus, the canvas suggested by him are somewhat musical, the artist takes on the role of the DJ. <br/> <br/>Mihai Plǎmǎdealǎ, art critic, curator <br/> <br/> <br/>Costin Brăteanu has created, during the last year, a series of decorative works, inspired by the Romanian blouses and towels. The colors are not necessarily the traditional ones, as the beige, brown and pink hues are not to be found even in traditional embroidered shirts, nor in towels or old carpets, but have only appeared some decades ago in popular objects, along with industrially dyed cotton and wool. Yet the color hues and the contours are not intense and clear, but lost, dusty, suggesting the passing of time over things. <br/> <br/>Cristina Simion <br/> <br/> <br/>Dear Elisabeth, <br/> <br/>I am looking at the paintings you sent me and it’s as if I went back in time. I am, together with my cousins, in the house of the grandmother from Dobroteasa. We are rummaging through her wooden chest, painted with read flowers. We find embroidered table clothes, thick cotton sheets with laces, coarse shirts and traditional aprons. The traditional aprons are sewn with a golden thread. We start to spread the thread and to put in on our fingers as rings. A restlessness is crossing us when the wind moves the leaves of the poplar in front of the window. Is it good what we do? The shadows of the branches are disturbing our play, better get outside to the light, into the yard. Please don’t laugh, or laugh, but you told me to write what I feel, at the moment. That is what I felt and I also felt that there are some paintings that I would want in my bedroom, next to the icons I already have. Thank you for the trust, I lovingly embrace you! <br/> <br/>Anda Niculina Pittis <br/> <br/>Pour Costin Brăteanu l’art devient un journal qui explore les événements passés d’un temps proche, assumé comme présence continue, euphonique, une coloration magique, ou les événements coulent comme des moments de rêveries. C’est un temps qui s’écrit entre les feuilles d’un cahier intime, recueil des objets retenues comme symboles des émotions passagères qui ont enrichi la vie de promeneur solitaire. L'artiste a la vocations des sorties dans le paysage, plutôt intérieurs, avec des souvenirs, objets infimes collectionnés pour le plaisir des construire une aventure personnelle parmi des émotions puissantes, réfléchies dans des miettes de la nature. Il y a une béatitude devant l’esprit quotidien, dont l'inventaire de la vie lui offre une dimension mythique. Tout ce que les yeux du peintre ont touché, entre dans le livre du de ce voyageur amoureux. C’est une écriture infinie et délicate des expériences de mettre en page les émotions/aventures passagères entrées dans le monde du beau livre qui dessine les éternelles reliques d’une vie pleine et consacrée définitivement à l’art. Belle, par définition. <br/> <br/>Chincea Călin

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  • Peinture acrylique
  • Mixte

Prix et Distinctions


Filiala U.A.P Alba Iulia
Du 10/11/2009 au 22/12/2009
Alba Iulia - Romania
Premiul "Corneliu Baba" Oferit de catre Filiala U.A.P Alba Iulia in anul 2009 cu ocazia participarii la Salonul Anual.

Prix : Special pentru Tineret al Colectionarului Gerhart Modjesch

U.A.P. Filiala Timisoara-Romania
Du 09/12/2011 au 10/01/2012
Timisoara - Romania
Oferit de Colectionarul Gerhard Modjesch cu ocazia participarii la Salonul Artelor Vizuale al U.A.P. Filiala Timisoara.

Résidences et Ateliers d'artistes

Gernik Art Camp

Du 03/10/2015 au 10/10/2015
Garnic Romania
International Art Camp.


Painter ,vizual artist