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Hi, I’m Yelena Dyumin, both a professional artist and art educator. The creation and refinement of my unique style has been something I’ve spent decades perfecting my craft and unique style with its whimsical humour, textural sensitivity and vibrant sense of colour. Although I’m a current resident of Sydney, Australia, I was born and raised in Omsk, Russia. As a result of this mixed culture, my aim has been to blend my eclectic background in European art, experiences, and classics with the fresh


‘Painting is not what I do; it is who I am.’

Arts pratiqués

  • Peinture acrylique
  • Aquarelle
  • Gouache
  • Peinture à l'encre



Yelena Dyumin Art
Du 01/09/2013 au 01/09/2015
Original painting by Yelena Dyumin -


First Class Honours, Master of Fine Arts (Painting), State University, Omsk. Russia

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oeuvre d'art contemporainLone Rider huile réalisée par Yelena Dyumin
2 980,00 €
oeuvre d'art contemporainDreamtime jazz acrylique réalisée par Yelena Dyumin
2 100,00 €
oeuvre d'art contemporainGolden Venus II acrylique réalisée par Yelena Dyumin
2 100,00 €